Excellent Doctor!

I met Maureen Becker just after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 3. I truly appreciated her honesty and candor when explaining what she could do - and what she couldn't do to help me. I saw her after every chemotherapy session and was treated with both acupuncture and nutrional supplements. She was such a help to me during a very difficult time. Even my oncologist couldn't figure out how I was handling chemo so well, and when I told him what I was doing, he told me to keep it up! And it has been 8 years and I have had no further signs of the cancer. And I still see Maureen on a regular basis.

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by a satisfied client.
It is important to Dr. Maureen Becker that patients get an individualized appointment with enough time to discuss their health concerns as well as possible testing and a treatment plan to address their specific medical problems and improve their overall health. She enjoys patient questions and educating the patient in regards to the science behind their treatment. As a primary care physician, Dr. Maureen Becker values getting to know and providing care for families over time. She treats the children of many of the babies she delivered as a midwife.